Larger Mills

We also build rock solid, heavy components for larger, custom mills. Pair up our saw husk/cab with a Magnum LP Carriage and Heavy Duty Bar Log Turner to upgrade your current setup. Or just ad a Magnum carriage to your existing bandmill. Add a scanning setworks and you have a dependable grade mill to handle the largest of logs.

Saw Husk and Cab Features

  • Insulated 6' L x 4 1/2' W x 6' H Sawyer's Cab w/ cutout for air conditioner
  • Cab is mounted on Vibration Absorbing Rubber Cushions.
  • Both main saw guide and top saw guide are adjustable from inside the cab.
  • 2 15/16 or 3 7/16 1045 steel mandrel
  • Space for easy mounting of Hurdle Patented Vertical Edger
  • Flip-up Saw Shield
  • Adjustable Log Splitter
  • 24" wide Offbearer Belt
  • Controls for log turner, log deck/stop and loader, and setworks can be pre-installed inside cab.
  • Heavy Duty Pantograph Pole
  • Track Frame with cushioned bumpers and track pre-installed available separately

Need More Information?

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