Hurdle HeavyWeight Sawmill Package

The Mill that sets the Standard

This is our best and most popular mill package. The HeavyWeight Mill is our "Cadillac" mill, featuring our latest options along with the time-tested, proven features that our customers depend on. This mill has been continually improved for over 40 years, and we continue to innovate and improve its design to this day.

Over 500 customers depend on this mill package in their operations. We build each mill with pride and a personal touch. Despite its simplicity, over 40 years worth of engineering, blood, sweat, and tears is manufactured into each mill.

Note: our older Challenger Carriage is shown in picture

Mills Available in Three Lengths

40' Platform

2 Knee Magnum LT Carriage for cutting ties, pallet lumber, and custom products up to 12' in length. Very fast.

48' Platform

3 Knee Magnum LT Carriage for cutting grade, ties, sending cants to resaw, or specialty products up to 16-18' in length. Very versatile.

60' Platform

4 Knee Magnum LT Carriage for cutting mat material, long timbers, or other specialty products up to 30' in length.

Mill Features

  • Heavy Duty 3-Beam Platform - 12" H-beams with 8" Cross-beams (40' and 48' mills) - 14" H-beam and 10" Cross-beams (60' mill)
  • 8 Adjustable legs (40' and 48' Platforms) or 10 adjustable legs (60' Platform) for easy mill leveling during installation
  • Hurdle Saw Guide adjustable from inside cab
  • Flip-Up Saw Shield hand operated from inside cab
  • Hurdle Log Deck 2 strand (40' Platform), 3 strand (48' Platform), or 4 strand (60' Platform) - with stop and loader
  • Hurdle Husk assembly with offbearer belt
  • Sawyers cab with adjustable seat, insulation, and air conditioner
  • 3 7/16" Mandrell with 8" Saw Collar
  • Cable Drive and Ratchet Tightener
  • Hurdle 555 Hydraulic Carriage Drive
  • Hurdle Standard Chain Log Turner (optional Heavy Duty Chain Turner or Bar Turner available)
  • Space provided for vertical edger or horizontal edger
  • Single hydraulic system powers carriage feed, setworks, log turner, optional vertical edger, and log deck
  • 12VDC operates electrical system
  • Pantograph delivering air, hydraulic, and electrical to carriage
  • Easy Replaceable track (in 10' sections)

Carriage Options

Magnum LT

40" knee openings, 29" dog openings, variable taper, tong-dog, world's simplest carriage, patented design

Carriage Options available: Cant Turners, Double-Bit Hammer Dog(although not necessary- the Magnum LT carriage holds massive logs with ease!)

Mill Options

  • Feed Joystick - smooth and simple carriage feed
  • Hurdle Vertical Edger - 2 direct drive 20" saws, 4" depth of cut, lasers to show cutlines, joystick control
  • Heavy Duty Offbearer Belt System - includes heavy duty rollers, shafts, and framework - recommended for 60ft mills cutting large cants
  • Top Saw - includes adjustable saw guide, 36" saw blade, 30hp motor, saw guard - helps cut monster logs efficiently

Setworks Options

Hurdle Cam Setworks

Dependable mechanical setworks. Used on hundreds of Hurdle mills. 4-sets.

Hurdle Nano Setworks

Replaces cambox. 6 sets - adjustable from inside sawyer's cab. The simplest electronic setworks anywhere.

Hurdle Computer Setworks

Offers 8 sets, 8 cants, and 8 stacks for 4 species. Simple and easy to use.

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