No. We have to go through the whole mill anyway and by the time we finish we would essentially have a new mill. We do rebuild carriages sometimes, but not regularly.

Don't worry. We work with several companies that can help finance your purchase.

Most all our problems are solved over the phone. We stock all parts and most of the time can ship replacements the same day you order. We've sold and serviced hundreds of mills this way! Simple is better!

Typically no. The key to our low prices is building standard machines. When we customize costs go up for everybody. We do offer several options that let you customize your mill which covers pretty much everything you need.

Our standard warranty is 90 days, but since our mills are tested before they leave, we really don't have to worry about warranties. Rest assured if there is an obvious defect, we will make it right. We couldn't have sold hundreds of mills if we didn't stand behind them.

Every mill has a fifth wheel hookup and a removable axle with wheels. A semi truck can simply hookup and go. We work with several companies that ship our mills. Shipping is not included, but is usually very reasonable.

Typically it takes 1 to 2 weeks to assemble your mill. We make parts year-round so we can assemble a mill very fast.

We require a 10% downpayment with the remainder due when the mill is picked up.

We are so focused on building sawmills that we don't have time to build those parts! You can easily obtain them elsewhere.

We are engineers, not saw experts. You should buy your saws locally so that you can get them serviced by a local expert.

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