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    We believe in
    Simple, Dependable,    Affordable
    The Hurdle Sawmill can easily add profit to any size operation.
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    Over 500 COMPLETE
    Sawmills Sold
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    Welcome to
    We've spent thousands of hours perfecting our simple machinery designs ... and we continue this process every day
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    Upgrade Your Operation Now!
    A Hurdle mill can be installed in days, not weeks or months, so you can start producing sooner.
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    Serious Production
    Over 1.6 billion board feet is sawn on Hurdle Mills each year

Ready To Go

We test every mill before we ship it. Once you get the mill, setup/installation is a snap.


Our mills are fast and proven in hundreds of installations. Add 15000-25000bf to your operation the easy way.


The HeavyWeight Hurdle Mill is customizable with a choice of options.


The Hurdle HeavyWeight Mill Package is affordable and saves time and $$ on installation


We have a mill to cut everything from ties and pallet wood to grade or mat material.

Permanent or Portable

The mill can be installed permanently or used as a portable mill.

Planning to Production in 4 Easy Steps

Need a fast mill?

How fast can you crank out ties? Rose's Sawmill in Savannah Tennessee reports cutting 1200 ties per shift (8 hour) running 2 Hurdle Sawmills.